Imagine #basinlife in 25 years.

What are your thoughts on how your community and the Columbia Basin can be a great place to live, work and play?

Since 1995, Columbia Basin Trust has been supporting your ideas and efforts and is accountable to all people in the region. Our work is guided the Columbia Basin Management Plan, originally developed in consultation with people in the Basin in 1997. The current strategic plan is concluding and we need your help to determine our areas of focus for the future of Basin Life.

Join the conversation to imagine the possibilities, together people in the Columbia Basin will gather in person, in a community near you to share ideas and views for the future. These meetings will include an open house and guided conversation. Check out dates and locations for community meetings, taking place between March and June 2020.


Can’t make it to a meeting in person? We have you covered. Share your ideas online, anytime from the comforts of home.

All input received through the Our Trust, Our Future 2020 process will be gathered by the Trust and used to renew its strategic plans which will shape and form the programs and services provided in the Basin to continue the legacy started in 1995 – one that continues to see the Basin as a place where social, environmental and economic well-being is fostered.

In 2021, the Trust will share its new strategic plan with all people in the Basin and ensure residents are kept informed of progress.

“I’m very confident that the foundation we’ve laid together will continue to serve the Basin well. I hesitate to predict exactly what our many diverse communities will aspire to, but I am confident—I have no doubt at all—that the Trust will find clever and innovative ways to get there.”

– Greg Deck

“The centre has a long waiting list, causing parents to wait many months to get their children licensed child care, and in turn forcing some parents to turn down employment opportunities. Completing this project will reduce our waitlist, provide our current staff with full-time positions and help us meet increasing demand as the community grows.”

– Krista Voth

“It’s our choice, not be a victim of circumstance, but to be a creator of our future.”

– Sophie Pierre

“People want to stay in their home communities, and it keeps communities intact to have people of all incomes and age levels be able to stay where home is.”

– Rita Moir

 “Against all the opposition, we got it done.”

– Corky Evans

“At the Slocan Learning Centre we’ve added things like a laser cutter and engraver, 3-D printers, robotics kits, a video-conferencing station and software. Through improved technology and programming, we are supporting community members in enhancing their technology-related skills and ultimately quality of life and build skills and engage people in the community in new ways.”

– Heather Clouston

“Species at risk and the whole health of the grassland ecosystem will benefit immensely. It is a sensitive ecosystem, and this project will help enhance its biodiversity values and wildlife habitat.”

– Richard Klafki