In response to COVID-19, Columbia Basin Trust has postponed its public engagement process to renew its strategic plan and the upcoming two regional Symposia planned for October 2020.

We will reschedule conversations with people in the Basin at a future date when the public health risk is no longer a concern and people have the time and space for the engagement.

For now, you can explore the site and learn more about the remarkable people and places we support, our history, how we work in your community, and some of the trends that will impact the region in the future.



Some ideas are big, some are small. There are ideas for now and the future; ideas for one community, many communities or the entire Basin. Working together, we see extraordinary things come to life. Let’s celebrate all we have accomplished together. 


Our Story
In the early ‘90s, a group of locals came together to create a unique, regional organization, in recognition of the impacts of the Columbia River Treaty. For 25 years we’ve taken our lead from people living in the Basin. Whatever the situation calls for, we adapt our role: from providing resources, to bringing people together, to leading an entire initiative. 



Five years ago, you told us what mattered to you. Since then we have been working hard to deliver on the 13 focus areas identified in our strategic plan. While the priorities were broad, ambitious and long term, we took specific, concrete steps toward addressing each one. See how we did.



To imagine and shape the future of the Basin, it’s important to understand the global trends that may influence this region. This information will help you see and understand emerging challenges and opportunities, and envision how your aspirations for the Basin might fit in.



All community meetings are postponed and the online engagement will close March 31, 2020. Both will be rescheduled and we will share that news with you as soon as we can.


“Twenty-five years ago, no one could have painted a picture as to what the Trust would be like today…To paint a picture of what the Trust is going to look like in twenty-five years from now? I think we’ll all be amazed.”

– Rick Jensen, former Trust Board Chair

“The Trust is the product of extensive public consultation and tremendous input from people in the region.”

– Josh Smienk, founding Board member and former Chair

“We got involved with the Trust because they understood what we needed to get our product out to the global market.”

– Kootenay Knitting

“Restoring traditional hunting grounds have given Yaqan NuɁkiy members a future that will hopefully look more like the past.”

Yaqan Nuɂkiy Wetlands Project

“Preserving heritage buildings are important to our community’s identity and provide future generations with a tangible part of our history.”

Built Heritage Grant Recipient

“We’re reducing social isolation and increasing social connection for local seniors.”

Lardeau Valley Community Club

“New technologies like robotics and virtual reality will open doors for everyone in different ways.”

Valemount Public Library

“This new housing is desperately needed and will bring relief to many in the community.”

Lakeside Place, Nelson Cares Society

“I have a new level of knowledge and confidence to run and grow my business.”

Business Owner

“High-speed Internet made it possible for me to have a home-based business here.”

Business Owner In Kaslo

“Public art has the power to energize and enhance our public spaces, making us think and transform where  we live, work and play.”

Elkford Community Conference Centre

“The Basin Food Summit allowed me to network and collaborate with producers, processors and food buyers, all in one place, while celebrating local food.”

Basin Food Summit Participant

“The vision was to have an outlet for recreation and physical activity for all.”

Nakusp And Area Bike Society

“The Basin Youth Network is giving me the leadership skills to connect and make a difference in my community.”

Basin Youth Action Network Participant

“Education, skill development and training for trade is essential to building a capable workforce and a strong economy in this region and beyond.”

Business Owner In Apprentice Wage Subsidy Program